Interview: Robert Bolognesi, Freerider and Snow Scientist

Robert Bolognesi is truly passionate about snow. As an avalanche specialist with doctorates in geography (Université Grenoble Alpes, 1991) and computer science (EPFL, 1999), he travels the Alps and mountain ranges around the world. In the 1980s, he helped develop ski resorts and has since created methods for publishing local avalanche bulletins, improved road safety (through his Meteorisk consulting firm) and laid the groundwork for whole areas of study in applied snow and avalanche modeling.


Is Your Winter Gear Ready For Action?

Before you rush headlong into snow-covered backcountry, let’s pause for a moment and chat about something crucial: Does your gear align with your skills and project? Because, let’s acknowledge it: the wrong gear can turn your epic snow day into a chilly disaster.


Ça va l’chalet?
At Xavier Delerue’s house in Verbier

We went to see Xavier at his home in Verbier to tell the story of the rider through his interior, or at least part of his home. Ski garages, mobile vans, small hovels, or converted flats, the modern “chalet” takes many forms, but always reveals the person who occupies it.