All backcountry enthusiasts are welcome!

We believe that safety training is essential for people who seek the freedom of the backcountry. The goal of our program is to provide participants with the basic knowledge they need to practice snow sports safely, without sacrificing fun or freedom. Also integral to the program’s mission are knowledge sharing, exchange and the development of an international community.

The community is a place where every member can get answers and advice from experts from all over the world, where they can not only share and celebrate their experiences, but also provide guidance to other participants and – why not – join them on their next trip!

A playground worth protecting

Nature is a magnificent playground that’s open to everyone. But enjoying it involves an increasingly delicate balance. We have a responsibility to protect our environment. All members have a duty to act respectfully and be considerate of people, plants and animals. We must commit to playing in harmony with the alpine environment and everyone else who enjoys it, without causing damage. This respect goes beyond the mountain. That’s why all members commit to adopting respectful behaviour in their everyday lives as well.

Let’s work together to make the mountains safer!