Gain the critical knowledge and skills for avalanche prevention and mountain safety with the world’s top mountain training program.

WEMountain, The First International Mountain Training Combining E-Learning & T-Learning​

Step 1 : Start with Our E-Learning Course​s

Anytime, anywhere, learn with our E-Learning online program – no travel required. Elevate your mountain safety skills at the comfort of your own home with our experts as your schedule allows and let their rich field experience and practical tips take your knowledge – and your adventures – to the next level. Join our community of members now, present in over 50 countries!

Step 2 : Validate Your Knowledge With Our T-Learning​

If you feel like it, once you’ve finished your E-Learning, we recommend validating your new skills and knowledge in the mountain with our unique network of certified ski instructors and IFMGA and AIARE mountain guides who have completed specific instructor training. Book now an avalanche course, available in 4 european countries (CH, FR, IT, AUT)!


Because Your Best Day Out Shouldn't Be Your Last!​

Education Saves Lives​

Did you know that 90% of avalanches are triggered by the victim or someone in their party? In the Mountain, knowledge is everything!

Preventing Before Reacting​

Because you should never use your rescue gear! 80% of our training is focused on avoiding risks and preventing an avalanche situation.​

Backed By Your Peers​

Our worldwide team of over 100 Experts & FWT Champions, support our courses and avocates for more responsability and education in the Mountain.​

Easy, Fun & Practical​

We are the first to train you from the comfort of your home with our innovative, comprehensive and certifying E-Learning courses. ​

Trusted By Industry Leaders

WEMountain, For More Freedom, More Fun & More Safety​

WEMountain has been founded with the objective of saving lives and reducing accidents in the mountains by delivering outstanding training and customer experience. Our mission is to grow outdoor sports safely through education and technology.

There's no such thing as zero risk! Safety starts with education. Together, let's make the Mountain safer!


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Experts, brands, destinations, instructors and FWT Champions all support WEMountain and the necessity for more education in the Mountain Want to be part of the revolution ? Start your mountain training journey today.

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