The mission of WEMountain is to develop safe snow sports through education and technology, and by involving all mountain stakeholders to maintain the freedom to practice them with greater enjoyment and safety. We work with the world’s top experts to achieve this vision.

WEMountain is an international, progressive avalanche awareness training program for backcountry enthusiasts that combines E-Learning (online learning) with T-Learning (terrain-based learning). Our progressive training and human-centred teaching method provide participants with a fun, flexible, field-based learning experience. Our intent is to apply the highest standards of excellence so that participants can advance through course levels with the same instruction quality, course content and terminology in all WEMountain regions.

Our program was developed by experts from around the world to prevent risks and develop a responsible community. Those experts represent the disciplines education, snow science, social sciences, search and rescue, communication, marketing, and management, as well as IFMGA and AIARE mountain guides and ski school directors.

Are you an expert who is interested in our vision?