Our mission

The mission of WEMountain is to develop safe snow sports through education and technology, and by involving all mountain stakeholders to maintain the freedom to practice them with greater enjoyment and safety. We work with the world’s top experts to achieve this vision.

Becoming a WEMountain Instructor

IFMGA mountain guides and certified ski instructors can become WEMountain instructors.

All instructors must complete a one-day training course.

WEMountain benefits

Becoming a WEMountain instructor is a unique opportunity for mountain guide and ski instructors with many benefits:

  • New revenue streams through T-Learning
  • Access to an international community of experts, professionals and amateurs
  • Strong marketing program supporting T-Learning course sales
  • Expansion of your current course offering
  • Access to a new customer base (freeride, ski touring and snowshoeing) that is eager for safety training
  • Bookings on days that would not have otherwise been booked due to weather conditions, etc.
  • Retention of an educated, responsible customer base with strong purchasing power
  • Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing on best practices and new technology
  • Increased instructor recognition through WEMountain certification
  • Ability to develop a responsible, trained customer base that is able to respond appropriately in the event of an accident
  • Partnership with a quality international brand and a unique education program
  • Opportunity to provide training and information on the latest teaching techniques, snow science research, and search and rescue methods, delivered by communication and marketing specialists
  • Promotion of your products and sales locations through WEMountain communication channels
  • Access to internationally standardized teaching methodology and materials

If you are an IFMGA guide or a certified ski instructor who is passionate about mountain sports and their many challenges, we’d love to hear from you. Contact Us and Join Us.