WEMountain Courses
An Invaluable Gift For Life

Looking for a truly unique gift? Do you have mountain lovers and off-piste riders in your life? Wish for their safe and skillful progression? Give the priceless gift of mountain safety! Simple, useful, and profoundly beneficial – a WEMountain training course is a gift for life!

Why Gift A WEMountain Course?

Beyond a simple present, WEMountain offers the gift of Knowledge and Adventure! Elevate your thoughtful gift with our E-Learning courses: a thrilling journey of learning where avalanche risk prevention and management take center stage! True love manifests in caring for a loved one’s safety, especially amidst the mountain’s call.

For the first time ever, the wisdom to navigate mountain dangers is just a click away with WEMountain‘s online training.

Achieve the perfect balance: combine pleasure with essential safety by gifting the key to risk-awareness and the joy of mountain freedom!

Remember, a gift that protects, educates, and astonishes is a gift that truly matters!

Simple, Quick, Practical

It takes only 3 steps to give more than a gift with WEMountain. Offer more freedom, more safety and more education.


Gift the right course

Choose from our 2 online courses, BACKCOUNTRY & OFFPISTE - A course for every rider.


Check Your Email

Once purchased, you'll receive an Email with the gift voucher that you can download and print.


Share the gift voucher

Share the digital or printed gift voucher to your loved ones. A unique code can be used on our website to claim the course for free.

Which Course Is Right For Your Loved Ones?

For Advanced Riders

For the new generation of riders seeking next-level experiences, embark on a transformative journey to navigate risks effectively. Gain exclusive access to the game-changing MHF© tool for advanced self-assessment in human factors. Elevate your ride. Define your limits. Elevate your ride. Develop your expertise. Define your limits.

  • 12 Lessons / 180 Minutes
  • 26 Videos / 16 Quizzes
  • Access to MHF© tool
  • 1 Exam / 1 Certificate

PRICE : 99.-

« OFFPISTE » Course
For Occasional Riders

Where adventure meets education, guiding riders through the essentials of mountain safety and avalanche prevention. AVOID, REACT, RESCUE: use our unique A2R© system to learn how to prevent risk as well as how to manage a rescue in case of an avalanche. ​

  • 10 Lessons / 120 Minutes
  • 18 Videos / 12 Quizzes
  • 1 Exam / 1 Certificate

PRICE : 69.-

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