Discover our groundbreaking BACKCOUNTRY course – the future of off-piste training. For the new generation of riders seeking next-level experiences, embark on a transformative journey to navigate risks effectively. Gain exclusive access to the game-changing MHF® tool for advanced self-assessment in human factors. Elevate your ride. Define your limits.

Develop your mountain skills with the revolutionary BACKCOUNTRY course. Dive deeper into our unique A2R® method :

AVOID: Managing and avoiding risk
REACT: Reacting effectively in an avalanche
RESCUE: Managing a rescue successfully

Unlock the power of the revolutionary MHF® tool, a cutting-edge solution to identify psychological, medical and energy factors that could signal potential risk behaviors. And deepen your knowledge on meteorology, topography and snow science.

At WEMountain, you don’t merely participate — you lead. Ride your narrative and explore the influence of various elements on your actions and decisions.

Step into a course crafted for the relentless learner in you. Ride the perfect slope between knowledge and thrill as you equip yourself with mountain wisdom.

Safety, thrill, innovation – BACKCOUNTRY delivers it all!

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PRICE: 99.-

Course Includes

  • 12 Lessons
  • 1 Exam
  • Course Certificate
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