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Thought you were too cool for school? Not for this school. WEMountain is for the serious freeriders and freeskiers. Those who think it’s sweet to go backcountry. But sweeter to come back. Be like the best. Be like the Champions who support us.

So keep seeking new snow frontiers. Keep looking for those lines. But for the love of your lover, your mother, your kids… and for the love of hitting the pow until you’re 99…

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Because you can go big AND go home.

Because Your Best Day Out Shouldn't Be Your Last!​

According to studies, 90% of avalanches are triggered by the victim or someone in their party… That’s why 80% of our program is focused on avoiding risks and preventing an avalanche situation – Preventing Before Reacting. So, don’t be a fool and prepare your season now with our online courses! 

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In The Mountains
Knowledge Is Everything

Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing. There no such thing as zero risk. Safety starts with education. So come join #TheCoolSchool and muscle up your brain!

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Which Course Is Right For You?

A Mountain Training Revolution
For Advanced Riders

Discover our groundbreaking BACKCOUNTRY course – the future of off-piste training. For the new generation of riders seeking next-level experiences, embark on a transformative journey to navigate risks effectively. Gain exclusive access to the game-changing MHF© tool for advanced self-assessment in human factors. Elevate your ride. Define your limits.

  • 12 Lessons / 180 Minutes
  • 26 Videos / 16 Quizzes
  • Access to MHF© tool
  • 1 Exam / 1 Certificate

PRICE : 99.- 79.-

« OFFPISTE » Course
The Start Of Your Mountain Training
For Occasional Riders

Where adventure meets education, guiding riders through the essentials of mountain safety and avalanche prevention. Our unique A2R© method (AVOID, REACT, RESCUE) will help you learn the vital steps in the risk management process.

  • 10 Lessons / 120 Minutes
  • 18 Videos / 12 Quizzes
  • 1 Exam / 1 Certificate

PRICE : 69.- 55.-