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WEMountain offers a unique combination of E-Learning and T-Learning, leveraging digital technology for compelling online learning and a network of certified IFMGA and AIARE guides and specially trained ski instructors for safe learning in the field.

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Learn from anywhere with our E-Learning program – no travel required. Sit down with our experts as your schedule allows and let their rich field experience and practical tips take your knowledge – and your adventures – to the next level.

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Identify and assess the human factors that lead to high-risk behaviour using the Mountaineering Human Factor (MHF®) system

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Partnering to reduce the impact of human activity in the mountains

The Summit Foundation joins the list of WEMountain partners. Our shared values of environmental sustainability and wildlife conservation made this partnership a natural fit, and a further commitment to the sustainable practice of mountain sports.

WEMountain is excited to announce a new partnership

WEMountain named Téléverbier’s education partner Verbier, the world freeride capital, features one of the most beautiful ski areas on the planet. For operator Téléverbier, safety and prevention are the key to keeping this beautiful playground safe and limit-free. Together, we want to make the mountains a safe and fun place for everyone, by providing the skills and knowledge required to assess and prevent risk. WEMountain is proud to fulfill that role.

WEMountain announces new partnership

Welcome to Alpride! WEMountain is excited to partner with reknowned mountain safety equipment manufacturer Alpride to expand the reach of its training programs. As the world leader in avalanche airbag systems, Alpride supplies the world’s top mountaineering backpack brands. Driven by a proactive and responsible approach to mountain sports, WEMountain and Alpride have partnered to help powder enthusiasts and professionals reduce risk through a blend of practical and theoretical learning delivered online and in the field. Marc-Antoine Schaer, Founder & CEO of Alpride “Safety is a priority for Alpride and our new partner. We are proud to support them in their mission to train mountain enthusiasts. With the growing popularity of backcountry sports, there was a critical need for an international program. WEMountain has filled that void.”

WEMountain partners with Magic Pass

Welcome Magic Pass! Magic Pass is a multi-resort season pass. It gives its 130,000 customers unlimited access to the ski lifts, slopes, freeride areas and bike parks at 40 mountain destinations. It is valid from May 1 to April 30 (May 2021 – April 2022). Magic Pass believes that to enjoy the mountains, we must heed the conditions it imposes. It is a fragile environment that can harbour great risk. Experience in the field is a source of learning that often needs to be supplemented with theoretical training. Our resorts offer great playgrounds, year-round, on and off the ski slopes. We support initiatives such as WEMountain, because we want the mountains to be a safe and fun place for everyone!

WEMountain and Freeride World Tour announce partnership

Welcome to the Freeride World Tour! We are honoured to be their official education partner. “Our partnership with WEMountain is a central pillar of the Freeride World Tour’s #1 priority: safety. The growth of mountain sports is contingent on a strong, global safety education program. We are very impressed with what WEMountain has created in such a short time.” Nicolas Hale-Woods FWT Founder & CEO


“The mountains are as dangerous as they are beautiful. The only way to significantly reduce that danger – and make them even more beautiful – is to learn to respect, understand and contend with their ever-changing moods. That’s what WEMountain has done by bringing world-class experts together. Today, with passion and professionalism, WEMountain offers every mountain enthusiast the opportunity to tap into this extraordinary pool of knowledge through a unique online and in-person program.”


“As a person who grew up in the Chamonix valley, you might think I was destined to become a mountain guide. Far from it. When I was young, I didn’t know any skiers or mountaineers. Eventually, I was fortunate to meet people who introduced me to my true passion.
That passion inspires all mountaineers – from beginners to experts – and drives WEMountain
today. As passions go, it is a risky one.
The mountains are not a walk in the park. WEMountain is built on years of experience, practice and the occasional mistake. But above all, it is about amazing opportunities for sharing and expanding our knowledge. It is about enjoying a beautiful day in the mountains in full awareness.
Although the mountains have given me so much, they have also taken much away. That’s why I support and partner with WEMountain.”


“Our partnership with WEMountain is a central pillar of the Freeride World Tour’s #1 priority: safety. The growth of mountain sports is contingent on a strong, global safety education program. We are very impressed with what
WEMountain has created in such a short time.”

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